3 great things about snow

Are you hoping for a white Christmas?

It’s probably just wishful thinking in Leicestershire, but you never know. And remembering past years when there’s been loads of snow, I’m longing for it again.

And why not? It’s magical, lots of fun and so peaceful. Great for your wellbeing…

1. Snow creates a magical winter wonderland

There’s no doubt about it, snow transforms the landscape. Where fields were brown and bare, they become frozen and white, sparkling in a pale winter sun. Where trees and bushes were dull and limp, twinkling white flakes add purity and cleanness bringing nature’s colour back to life. There is vibrancy within the greyness. Definitely creation at its best.

And how can you not believe you’ve been transported to a different world? When you set foot in this landscape it’s like stepping into Narnia – the frosty patterns can only have been made by the White Witch. Oops! There goes Mr Tumnus dashing between the trees…

2. Snow is fun

(Photo by Ian Woodbridge)

And what adventures you can have in the snow! During the last lot there were children playing, dogs frolicking and even the adults had huge grins on their faces. The streets were transformed into a massive playground and there was an army of snowmen in the park.

How wonderful that snow brings out the best in people. There was no longer a ‘heads down, ignore the world’ mentality, but people stopped to say ‘hello’. It even became okay to throw snowballs at your boss!

What’s your favourite thing to do in the snow? Is it sledging down a hill as fast as you can with the wind in your hair, is it getting those ski’s out and doing a bit of cross country, or are snow angels more your thing?

Perhaps, like me, you love a snowy countryside walk, your footsteps making a pleasing crunch with every pace and nature’s beauty stimulating all your senses.

Try catching a snowflake and look closely at its icy pattern. Every single flake is different so observe it quickly before it’s never to be seen again…

3. Snow is peaceful

But my favourite thing about snow is the sense of peace it creates. As huge flakes gently fall through the trees and it settles thickly on the ground, all is muffled.

While skiing gracefully downhill swooshing from side to side, snow accumulates on branches and a heady scent of pine drifts across the slope. Icy particles twinkle in freezing air that’s so cold it takes your breath away. Inhale deeply. Feel it. Cold, crisp freshness on your nose.

Recently waking up to a fresh snowfall, all was quiet. Before everyone went out to play the peace was tangible. I felt God’s presence in His creation:

“He spreads the snow like wool and scatters the frost like ashes”

— PSALM 147:16, NIV

Why not take a moment next time it snows? Stop. Breathe. Reflect on creation. Observe the beauty of it all and thank God for the peace He brings.

If there is snow this Christmas where you are, I pray you’re able to enjoy it. Feel the magic, play out in it and take a little time to wonder at its beauty.

Peace and joy be with you this Christmas

Susan xx

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