3 ways a copywriter can make life easier for you

Are you always flitting about trying to do a million things at once, never able to give each job the time it deserves?

Have you heard of copywriters but don’t really know how one could help you?

Then this post is for you. It will help you decide whether hiring a copywriter is the right thing to do.


1. A copywriter helps you sell and promote stuff

Copywriters sell and promote stuff for you by writing engaging text. We arrange words in a particular way to make things sell better (see my last post for some examples) and your business grows as a result.

The text makes your audience want to engage by giving them something valuable rather than greedily asking for stuff. It doesn’t bombard them with spammy offers or continually thrust ‘why your business is so amazing’ in their faces. As a result your audience won’t feel pressured into anything but they’ll want to buy because they enjoy reading your content. They’ll take action and this is exactly what you want.


2. A copywriter produces content to suit your needs

Copywriters can write all sorts ranging from online content like blogs, articles and social media, to advertising and promotional material like brochures and slogans. They’ll also produce case studies, product descriptions, user manuals and more.

They’re experienced at completing all sorts of projects for many different businesses and clients so can write pretty much anything. But different projects require different skills. So copywriters evolve different skill sets and may have particular specialisms and capabilities.

You must find the right person for your project so that your business grows how you want it to. Although it can be challenging with all the jargon flying about you should consider the type of copywriter you wish to hire. There’s a helpful review from ABC copywriting here.

Some of the most common types are:

  • advertising copywriting,
  • long-copy work,
  • copywriting for publishers,
  • website copywriting,
  • SEO copywriting, and
  • online article copywriting.

And generally copywriters work in-house, for agencies or freelance.

A freelance copywriter, used to writing in any medium and on many subjects, has broad knowledge and experience. And because many businesses need a wide range of things written they will often choose a freelancer.


3. A copywriter saves you time by doing the hard work for you

By allowing someone else to do your writing you will have more time to do other things. Although you will need to collaborate with your copywriter, hiring someone will save you time overall.

It’s normally the beginning of the process that takes a bit longer – when you must communicate your needs/wants accurately. If you take time to describe this fully your writer will produce better copy.

But a good copywriter will make the process as easy as possible and will ask you all the relevant questions. Then, when armed with all the info they need, they’ll get on with it! Before you know it your inbox will be pinging and you’ll have some shiny new content to grab your audience with.

As a freelancer this is the process I would follow with you after you’ve contacted me:

  • We’d have a brief chat to determine your basic requirements,
  • I’d send you my quote and proposal,
  • If you accepted we’d have an in-depth discussion to expand on your requirements,
  • I’d do the work,
  • I’d revise the copy in response to your feedback then submit the invoice on approval.

If you’re local I like meeting you face-to-face, either at your premises or in a coffee shop. But if you’d prefer, I can phone.

And I always consider if I’m the right person for the job. If not, I’ll recommend someone else where possible.

Contact me if you want to find out more.

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