5 reasons to start business blogging today

“My blog is doing nothing for me! What’s the point?”

A common cry from many a small business owner. But in 2020 it’s clear that when you provide good content, written well, your blog will help you succeed.

“Companies with blogs produce an average of 67% more leads monthly than companies that don’t blog” – DemandMetric

Here’s how business blogging will help you…

1. Keeps you in regular contact with your customers

So you’ve got some customers. That’s great! But they don’t come back for more. You’re constantly asking, “What’s happened? They love my products and say I’m providing a fantastic service. So why don’t they return?”

Well did you keep in touch after the initial sale?

While it’s wonderful to get customers in the first place you must keep nurturing them too – so you stay at the top of their minds. Only then will they think of you when they need that service again. Or when their friend says they need that service.

Regular contact with your customers means they’ll remember you. And are far more likely to come back to you to do business.

2. Gives your business a human angle

Call me nosy if you like, but it’s fascinating understanding other people. Learning how they do life, what works for them, what doesn’t. Joining with them in their story.

Since the dawn of time when Cave Man Ogg and his cronies sat round the fire telling tales of the hunt, recording them on the cave walls, people have been enthralled by stories. And your business blog is the perfect place to share yours. To reel in your own tribe (target market).

Telling stories about you and your business will build connections with your customers. So they’ll want to do business with you.

3. Helps other people

According to HubSpot the top reason people read blogs is to learn something new. So if you can provide helpful info, tips, advice etc. you’re starting from a great place. Although giving away your knowledge and expertise may sound counter-intuitive, it’s really not.

When you give your customers something of value, they’re much more likely to come back to you with their hand in their wallet. And will keep recommending you.

4. Establishes you as a thought leader

Expertise is what people need when they want to learn something. And what you write in your blog is the perfect foundation to establish yourself as an expert. Even the expert in your field. Customers will see your knowledge first-hand too, which gives you the advantage if your rivals aren’t online.

Who would you choose to do business with? Someone who can actively show they’re an expert or a person who only might be good at what they say?

5. Improves your SEO

By publishing fresh and frequent content on your website, Google is more likely to find you when people type in the search box. So you’ll get noticed.

And you must get noticed.

Even if your blog is the most fantabulous thing since Marmite (ooh… have I sparked a debate here?) there’s no point posting content if no-one knows it exists!

So, there you are. Business blogging is alive and well. Excellent content, shared regularly will have customers pouring through your door.

And to help you write some stonking content I’ve got just the thing – a webinar on ‘How to write a captivating blog’. I look forward to seeing you there 😊

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