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About me

Hi, I’m Susan. Mental health and wellbeing copywriter

I’ll help you grow your business AND create a happier, healthier society

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Why the mental health and wellbeing sector?

I’ve experienced poor mental health…

Up to my mid-twenties life was good. I was completing my palaeontology PhD, madly doing anything involving the great outdoors and enjoying lots of time with like-minded friends.

But then…

Depression strikes!

What do you do when you’re knocked out by crippling thoughts of unworthiness and failure? When you feel life is not worth living? When every day you’re just going through the motions of life?

For over ten years I lived with this nasty beast. And frankly, it sucked!

Susan sat in the Lake District Mountains

But I learned how to deal with it…

It wasn’t easy – it took time and perseverance. But I recovered.

Counselling and psychotherapy helped heal many of my hurts. And the process was so fascinating I gained a couple of counselling qualifications on my way to recovery!

But it was emotionally demanding so I let off steam by getting outdoors. A lot. Particularly into the mountains.

For the last few years I’ve had to find less active ways to enjoy being outside because of a health condition. But I still get out there every day to maintain positive wellbeing.

I’m a huge fan of nature connection and you’ll often find me enjoying a mindful walk or some nature photography. Perhaps even splodged on the grass admiring clouds scudding across a windy sky. It keeps me sane!

But the best part of getting outdoors for me is being closer to God. I feel peace and joy when I’m surrounded by His creation. Connecting with my Creator and the natural world is a great buffer for life’s demands.

And now I want to help other people thrive…

So many people live with poor mental health and have lost their sense of positive wellbeing – it’s making their lives a misery. Our society is collapsing because of it (or is it the other way around?) and I don’t want this for future generations.

My mission is helping you change lives through your business. Together we can create a society full of happier, healthier people.

Copywriting experience

I’m not going to present my CV here. You can see for yourself what I can do.

But psst… I do have over twelve years of writing and research experience plus a copywriting diploma…

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I found Susan warm and friendly. Also open to being curious about my thoughts rather than defensive. She wasn’t distancing and hyper-professional. It made it ok for me to be human and to work it out with her.

Michael Chamberlain, Counsellor and psychotherapist