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Getting organised: how you can learn from nature

Do you have piles of stuff constantly growing around you? Are you overwhelmed by your to-do list and the sheer volume of work you ‘absolutely must’ do to keep your business going? Right now. Straight away. URGENTLY! You are not alone. A couple of months ago things came to a head in Susan’s copywriting world. [...]

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Why copywriting is like a rock and how to make yours shine like a diamond

Copywriting certainly rocks! But how? As a geologist in a previous life I couldn’t resist looking for some analogies. In this post I’ll share a few to help you write better copy. But first, a little reminder…   What is copywriting? Copywriting is writing to sell. Good copy persuades your prospects to buy your product [...]

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So you’re passionate about your business. Really?

It’s pretty clear that passion is important to your success. I guess that’s why you want to make it obvious. But are you for real? Or are you just saying it? And do you believe every statement of passion you read? In this post I’ll share how you can show people you’re genuinely passionate using [...]

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Mountain walking: a healing balm for depression

People often ask me, “Why the outdoors and wellbeing niche?” “What makes you want to help businesses in this area?” Well, here’s one experience that continues to motivate me every day – mountains helped me recover from depression. And if they helped me, they can help you too. Whether you have any mental health challenges [...]

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Why you need a passionate copywriter

It's February (no, I can't believe it either) and Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Are you ready for a bit of luurve? This is the time of year when even we Brits like to show our passion. Well, some of us… some of the time… perhaps… But does passion have a place in copywriting? Of [...]

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What is copywriting (and what it’s not)?

So, it’s a new year. Have you been thinking about new beginnings? Perhaps you’ve already been business planning and are looking for a new way of marketing. You’ve heard of copywriting but are not sure what it is. Look no further… Copywriting is writing to sell Good copy persuades your prospects to buy your product/service [...]

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3 great things about snow

Is anyone else hoping for a white Christmas? Remembering last year's snow in Leicestershire has made me long for it. And why not? It’s magical, lots of fun and so peaceful... 1. Snow creates a magical winter wonderland There’s no doubt about it, snow transforms the landscape. Where fields were brown and bare, they become [...]

Running a business: how to stay sane

Bunny ears! Shades! The geologist look! Whaaaaaaat...? Is that really how to stay sane? Well, no. But it did help me get over the scary I’m-an-introvert-and-public-speaking-is-scary feeling when I gave a presentation the other week. Want to know why these particular props? Then read on. This post summarises my presentation…   It’s hard running a [...]

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Are you overwhelmed? Find ‘a spacious place’ and reclaim peace.

November. The clocks have changed, it's colder, darker, generally grimmer, and it's hard to stay on top of things at this time of year. But you have to. Life carries on. Over the years I've come up with a few strategies that help. Journey with me to Iona and discover how you can find peace [...]

Conversational copy: your ticket to business success

Do you want to attract more customers to your business? Do you need more clients now? Then make your copy conversational… Think about it. How do you engage with people every day? Conversations. Even if you’re an introvert and like to spend time alone you’ll probably end up talking to yourself! We all need conversation [...]

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