Business blogging: top tips

So you’ve heard blogging is good for business. And you want your business to grow. But you don’t know where to start.

Then read on…

In this post you’ll learn:

  • What to consider before you start writing
  • Things to do as you draft and edit
  • How to get your blog noticed

Before you start writing

1. Stop and think

You need a posting strategy to blog successfully – it’ll help you keep going if life gets tough. And the simpler the better as this will be much easier to stick to long term.

Then ask yourself:

  • Who is my audience? You’ll need to write things they’ll be interested in or find useful
  • How often will I post? It depends on who your audience is how often they’ll be able or want to read your posts

For some other useful questions have a look at 6 questions to ask before you write a blog.

2. Plan

So you remember to keep posting it’s a good idea to create a schedule – a plan with specific dates and maybe even times. I use spreadsheets but I’m sure there are other ways too. So long as you have a plan, you’re all good.

You may like to use these headings in your schedule: post title, post topic, post theme, date to write by, date to post

3. Then get creative and think of some ideas

First, remember blogs should be inspirational, educational or entertaining. So topics that can be any (or all) of these are good.

Then try and get in the head of your target audience – what are the obvious things they’ll want to know? Less obvious things?

It’s helpful if you can talk your ideas through with someone else. Just make sure they know who your target audience is first before you start bouncing ideas off one another.

And make sure you record your ideas – written or voice-recorded – so you won’t forget them. After an initial brainstorm you can group your ideas into themes, topics and individual posts. I’ll often write them on post-it notes because you can move them around as you change your mind about groupings.

Writing your posts (drafting and editing)

Check your post has…

  • An attention-grabbing headline that will hook your target audience
  • An intro that encourages your reader to keep going
  • Main body text that delivers what you promised in your headline
  • A powerful ending with a call to action (CTA)

And to perfect your post have you…

  • Formatted it so it’s easy and pleasant to read?
  • Edited it to be clear and concise with no spelling, punctuation or grammar mistakes?

For more on producing good copy: what is copywriting? Or check out my 1-1 blogging strategy and ideas sessions

Time to get noticed…

Once you have a good blog, you need to shout about it so people can find you. So make sure you have a sharing strategy. Will your target audience be able to find your posts through a search engine? Will you alert people to new posts via email? Perhaps you want to share on social media.

I hope you’ve found these tips helpful. So you remember them, here’s your free business blogging checklist:

Free business blogging checklist


And you can always contact me with blogging or copywriting questions…

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