Why copywriting is like a rock and how to make yours shine like a diamond

Copywriting certainly rocks! But how? As a geologist in a previous life I couldn’t resist looking for some analogies. In this post I’ll share a few to help you write better copy. But first, a little reminder…   What is copywriting? Copywriting is writing to sell. Good copy persuades your prospects to buy your product [...]

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So you’re passionate about your business. Really?

It’s pretty clear that passion is important to your success. I guess that’s why you want to make it obvious. But are you for real? Or are you just saying it? And do you believe every statement of passion you read? In this post I’ll share how you can show people you’re genuinely passionate using [...]

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What is copywriting (and what it’s not)?

So, it’s a new year. Have you been thinking about new beginnings? Perhaps you’ve already been business planning and are looking for a new way of marketing. You’ve heard of copywriting but are not sure what it is. Look no further… Copywriting is writing to sell Good copy persuades your prospects to buy your product/service [...]

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Conversational copy: your ticket to business success

Do you want to attract more customers to your business? Do you need more clients now? Then make your copy conversational… Think about it. How do you engage with people every day? Conversations. Even if you’re an introvert and like to spend time alone you’ll probably end up talking to yourself! We all need conversation [...]

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Why is your copywriting quote so high?

Do you wonder why there’s such a range of prices for copywriting? Do you think some are way too high? You may be right in some cases but there’s normally a good reason for high prices. Here I explain why a good copywriter will not be cheap and why you can afford to invest more [...]

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Copywriting without overwhelm: how you can split it into manageable tasks

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by work piling up around you? Stressed by ongoing chaos? I used to be like this. But not any more! Having learned to prioritise and break down large jobs (see the one thing that will change your life) I am now chilled (most of the time), efficient and achieve more [...]

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3 ways a copywriter can make life easier for you

Are you always flitting about trying to do a million things at once, never able to give each job the time it deserves? Have you heard of copywriters but don’t really know how one could help you? Then this post is for you. It will help you decide whether hiring a copywriter is the right [...]

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Making you money: must a copywriter use perfect English?

Do you think you should always use perfect English when you write? You were probably taught to use ‘correct’ punctuation, grammar and spelling at school and it’s hardwired into your brain. It’s part of you. But is it essential? Particularly for a copywriter?   A copywriter’s aim: to make you money Copywriters write to sell, [...]

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Why hiring a freelance copywriter today could be the best thing you ever do

January. It’s feared by many as a bleak and difficult month. Often cold and wet with short days, Christmas and New Year festivities have gone and your bank balance is probably groaning. As a business owner you may be wondering how to push forward. How can I make the most of this dreary, depressing time [...]

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