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For mental health and wellbeing businesses who want to get their services or products into the workplace

So you want to help people thrive. And you know your service or product can transform people’s lives, making a real difference to individuals in the workplace. But do their employers know how much this will benefit their business?

My copywriting will get you more business by…

  • Showing employers exactly how your service or product will benefit them. They’ll understand what you provide and will hire you based on accurate information.
  • Educating employers so they know how important workplace wellbeing is for their business success. Hiring you won’t just be part of a ticking-boxes exercise, but an essential part of how their business runs.

Why choose me?

Because you’ll get…

I found Susan warm and friendly. Also open to being curious about my thoughts rather than defensive. She wasn’t distancing and hyper-professional. It made it ok for me to be human and to work it out with her.

Michael Chamberlain, Counsellor and Psychotherapist
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