So you’re passionate about your business. Really?

It’s pretty clear that passion is important to your success. I guess that’s why you want to make it obvious. But are you for real? Or are you just saying it?

And do you believe every statement of passion you read?

In this post I’ll share how you can show people you’re genuinely passionate using copywriting.

But first…


The why behind what you do

You need a why behind your business. It’s how you’ll achieve great things.

“He who has a why can endure any how.” – Frederick Nietzsche

Simon Sinek explains in his TED talk that you inspire others by putting passion at the core of what you do. Perhaps you believe in your product or service so much that this becomes your ‘why’ (e.g. you survived cancer and the purpose of your business is to help other cancer sufferers). Or you just love business itself – running it, being challenged by it – and there’s nothing you’d rather do!

Whatever it is your ‘why’ is central.

It all comes down to psychology.

People buy into why you do something not what you do.


How do you prove your passion?

But how do you show your ‘why’ with your writing? How do you prove your passion is real?

Opinions vary with some copywriters telling you to ban the word completely! Others are far more accommodating.

So what are the options?


1. You could just say “I’m passionate!”

Many businesses do:

“I have a genuine passion to make a positive difference in the lives of those I work with.”

“I am passionate about working with business owners and transforming businesses from good to great.”

That’s nice. They probably mean it.

But how do you know?

And what if your business is cleaning toilets? Selling ball-bearings? Is anyone really passionate about those things?!


2. But it’s better to show your passion

Instead of saying it, show it!

Here’s the first example again:

“I have a genuine passion to make a positive difference in the lives of those I work with.”

Lovely. But it leaves me with too many questions. How does she make a difference? What has driven her to want to help people? How do I know she is genuine?”

It could be rewritten as:

“Ten years ago my partner swindled me. So I went on a workshop to learn how to spot fraudsters and followed it up by completing a law course. I now use my experience and skills to help you avoid the devastating consequences of fraud.”

While the original text might make you pick up the phone to ask your questions, you probably wouldn’t bother. But the rewrite answers your questions straight away. You’re far more likely to take things further.

A good copywriter always chooses voice and tone carefully, offers the right kind of content and shares relevant stories to convey your emotional intensity about something (i.e. your passion).


Some ideas to get you started

(They can be adapted to suit your particular needs)


1. Your long-term blog campaign

So you work for a mental health organisation and want to show your deep desire to help depressed people get well? Don’t just say: “We are passionate about helping you get well” in every single post. Instead try blogging about…

  1. Someone you’ve helped (a case study)
  2. A walk where you raised money for a mental health charity
  3. An event you’ve got coming up to raise awareness
  4. Your new employee with a story to tell
  5. Self-help tips

All these things show you genuinely want to help depressed people and prove you’re good at it. This is authentic. It’s real.


2. Your website content

On your website you can show your ‘why’ by choosing your content well. Here’s how I’ve done it on my website:

I express my love of all things outdoors and wellbeing-related, as well as my desire to help businesses in this niche succeed, through…

  1. The type of blog I write
  2. The words and pictures I use on my ‘about’ page

I share the experiences and skills which have led me to specialise in the outdoors and wellbeing niche. Heck, even the colour scheme reflects my passion – blue and green because they’re calming and proven to enhance your wellbeing.

Sure, my last blog (and this one) used the passion word a lot, but I was using it to make a point. And that’s okay sometimes.


A final thought

So, while I do think ‘passion’ is an overused buzzword I wouldn’t go so far as to ban it! Just please use it wisely and sparingly.

Show, don’t tell.

When people know you’re authentic they’ll be drawn to you. And you’re far more likely to get a sale. Yay!

Happy writing ☺


But if you’d like someone to do your copywriting for you instead contact me here.

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